Let’s find out what is effective parenting like

Author - June 2, 2017

Hello, everyone. Do you know “what is effective parenting?”  Well, on this good occasion, let’s talk about it. Parenting is a raising of children and all the responsibilities and activities that are involved in it. So, as parents, you should know it and give the best for your kids in their childhood.

Moreover, when we talk about an effective parenting, it can be defined as a successfulness of parents in taking care the raising children as they want to be. All of us know that children commonly will imitate what we do. So, be careful of what we do because it can influence the children’s character. Also, to be successful in teaching the right to the children, parents should be able to do or give examples as proper as possible. There are so some good and right ways of educating the children. Thus, it is the parents’ decision to choose which ways that they want to use to teach their children and is good according to them. With this following points, parents can hopefully consider what effective parenting means to the children is.

Essential teachings that can be given by parents to their kids

  1. Self-esteem

To be self-esteemed boys or girls is crucial to all people. It will be good if this character is fostered in the childhood. It will work well if the parents can support the children to be self-esteemed in any situation. However, the parents should remember that to be a self-esteemed person will occur if we can also esteem other people. So, the most important that the parents can do is to teach the children to respect their friends or other people. Thus, there must be a possibility to be esteemed by others when we can do it as well.

  1. Doing truth

To live a sinful life is a condition that parents do not want to happen for their children. Therefore, to educate the children always do the truth in the childhood can be the best solution for them. When children make a mistake and do not do the truth, the parents should be firm to make it clear and make it right. That is what the parents should take to avoid the children from living a dissolute life in the future.

  1. Saying honest

To be honest is the most important thing in life to make a safe life in any situation. Then, being honest can also make us feel innocent of anything. When we try to say dishonesty once, there will be another deception we make. Thus, don’t let our children do that because to say dishonest can be a beginning of a sad end. So, in this case, make the children be accustomed to speaking honestly in every situation so that it will result in a good effect for them.

  1. Admitting mistake

A mistake is an action that cannot be avoided by someone in a particular time. It means that there is one who never makes a mistake. However, people can take the lesson from the mistake and try not to make the same mistake in the future. That is a good point of life. About a mistake, our children will, of course, make it in a particular time and situation. To make the children understand about a good point after making a mistake, parents should teach them how to admit a mistake. It is critical because if there is someone who does not admit a mistake, it may lead to a bad result or even a danger. So, you, as parents, should consider teaching your children about it. That is a part good teachings of what is effective parenting to do.


Furthermore, to support an education and an education to the children, the parents will be better also to do some actions which may make the children enthusiastic to follow the instructions from parents. Besides, the parents should be smart as well to give an inviting boost to the children so that they will follow what are taught by the parents.

Support to do for active parenting

  1. Good example

The most necessary thing to help is a case. Yes, an example will make the children easier to learn the right from the parents. By getting a case, they will be easy to remember about some things which are taught. In this case, to be successful in teaching your children, you need to do what you will teach to them. For example, you will learn about self-esteem. The right thing to show to your kids is to esteem other people around you, includes your children. You should esteem what is done, what is pursued by your children well. Thus, by seeing what you do, your kids will get a lesson to esteem others unintentionally.

  1. Learning by doing

A teaching does not only need course materials to learn, but it should be followed by doing. It means that children need to do what is taught by the parents little by little. When the parents learn how to communicate, it will be better for the children to practice talking directly. It will also work well for other learnings for children. Thus, it will simplify the children to succeed.

  1. Accompanying

To always keep an eye on the children is a good way to make sure about their activities. It will be good to make sure that they are in a safe way of doing their activities. In this case, the best way to do is to accompany the children wherever they go. Thus, besides it will be good for parents to control the children, the children will also be comfortable to have friends in their activities.


Well, the good way to do by the parents if they want to have a real character child, they should consider about the essential teachings will have a good effect on their future life. Besides, the parents are also suggested to give support to them so that the lessons will run well and the children can follow them enthusiastically. Yes, that is all about what is effective parenting to do that can hopefully be a useful inspiration for you, especially parents.

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