How Do I Make My Daughter Happy And Confident?

Author - June 2, 2017

Nowadays, ‘how do I make my daughter happy?’ must be one of the questions appear on people’s thought. People especially they who have already married and had daughter might feel complicated when they began raising their daughter. Daughter is a way harder to raise rather than the son, simply because she is ‘fragile’ and weak. She has to be an insecure creature that you think you have to protect.

As a parent, you must feel worried about knowing that your daughter has grown and even had already a boyfriend. You will then question yourself whether or not your daughter’s friend good. Sometimes, you worry too much about your daughter so that you limit your daughter’s time to hang out to protect her. You might also create such rules to her to obey. All you do is for your little girl. However, she might not be happy if you do it wrong. Therefore, here will explain about ‘how do I make my daughter happy?’ question.

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Ways to make girl happy

Again, since ‘how do I make my daughter happy?’ becomes the favorite topic which is needed to answer, here I will explain the issue as well. There must be ways to make your daughter happy.

Let’s read it below!

  1. Dress. We all know that girl tends to love dressing and also to apply make-up. Giving dress might be a good idea since all daughters, no matter what age they are, love wearing beautiful clothes. You might ask your daughter to go shopping together with you; you can help her select the clothes’ style and color which suit her most. If you do not have money, instead of buying, you can think of sewing if you are capable in sewing clothes.
  2. Toy. Who said daughters dislike playing toy? Girls, especially they who are in at the age where they love playing both dolls and toys, must be happy to know that you are going to give them toys. You do not need a large, expensive toys to give because your daughters will be happy of getting any toy whether or not it is cheap and small.
  3. Trip. Mostly, parents will give the birthday gift to their daughter once she is for her birthday. However, it is usual and might not be that special. Planning trip with your daughter must be a different idea. Of course, she will likely love spending her time on a journey with you, right? Snorkeling, diving, hiking, trekking the mountain, etc. might be the best trip ever.
  4. Sleepovers or camping. Planning to go camping or sleepovers may have been another way to make your daughter joyful. Of course, you need to prepare everything on your plan before so that it might be fun. Plan the games, snacks, decoration ideas, etc. as for sleeping arrangement for camping. This way can strengthen your bond with your daughter.
  5. Success and failure. Even though you want to make your little girl happy does not mean that you will do too much for her; this is the great mistake because your daughter might be a spoiled girl. It is best for you to give her opportunity to challenge herself to learn the new skill. Remember that if she fails doing something, when she does not give up easily, she can gain the success, too.
  6. Dream. Sometimes, parents do hope too much on their daughter. They want to dictate her to be what they want. However, as a great parent, you cannot force your daughter to do what you want because she also has her dream.

Tips to mention

Though you have read the info about ‘how do I make my daughter happy?’, you still have to learn the tips related to the question below. Here are several tips which are going to be explained to you as well.

  1. Don’t try to make your daughter happy. This is funny, right? When you ask yourself question about how to make your little girl happy, but here, you are asked not to think to make it happened. Well, if you grant all of your daughter’s wishes, she will be in long-happiness. She will not be able to express the emotions of being angry, sad, disappointed, or frustrated.
  2. Praise for the right stuff. Your daughter can do both false and right thing at the same time. When she does the good stuff, appreciate her; this will make her happy. On the other hand, when she does the false one, do not praise nor scold her; instead, you might give her explanation about the wrong stuff she does so that she will understand and never tries to do that again.
  3. Practice the habitual gratitude. Many scientists believe that expressing gratitude on daily activities must be one of the ways to make life happier. You, therefore, need to teach your daughter to practice the habitual appreciation for special occasions like during and after having daily meals, etc.
  4. Requirement. It is necessary to make such an explicit obligation to your daughter once she has grown up. You need to make her understands the condition by giving the explanation to her. Do not force her to obey the requirement; instead, you can tell her the real effects of breaking it.
  5. Give the real responsibility. You need to give your daughter the correct liability to make her thinks that you need her. Of course, you have to match the responsibility to what she likes to. If she loves cooking, then, ask her to cook for you.
  6. Foster connection. Daughter must feel happy if she can interact and have communication with the society including neighbors, friends, or the other family members. It is your task to foster the connection between your daughter and the community.
  7. Education. Making your little girl happy means you need to educate her for her great future. Educate them about what things are bad and healthy to do. You might even take your daughter to school, too.

It is true that raising the daughter is not as easy as raising the son. Therefore, you need to do and understand well about ‘how do I make my daughter happy?’ topic that has been explained before so that you can make your children not only joyful but healthy and far from dangerous behaviors including smoking, using drugs, and drinking alcohol.

Well, that is all the information about ‘how do I make my daughter happy?’. Hopefully, this info will be very useful for them especially parents who are about to search this topic online via internet.

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